Regulating Emotions Mid-Pandemic

Depending on where you are in the world, the status of the pandemic will vary from place to place. It does not mean we are free from Covid-19, hence why we are doing our best to keep ourselves and everyone else safe by staying home. Yet, studying remotely can feel very sluggish as we sit still and watch time fly past. Not to mention because of the uncertainties and missing the way things were prior to the pandemic, students may have had to deal with various emotions. Here are a few ways one can regulate their emotions amidst this trying season.


One of the ways students can regulate their emotions is by healthy expression. One way you can do that is by connecting with and talking to trusted friends or community members. Talking to people you can trust allows a safe space to express yourself without fear of judgment. This also allows for you to receive encouragement and constructive feedback to help make sense of the way you are feeling. Another way you can express yourself is by journaling. Pouring out thoughts and emotions into written words helps you to process and understand things better. Expressing your emotions in the healthiest ways help give you emotional relief.



Another way students can regulate their emotions is by regulating themselves physically. One of the reasons why students can easily get emotionally affected is the possible lack of food, exercise, and sleep. Physical health can sometimes correspond to emotional health too. Eating tasty, balanced, healthy meals benefits the body’s nutrition and also releases the feel-good reward hormone, dopamine, which lets you feel satisfaction. Getting enough sleep and exercise also helps improve and regulate not just your physical health but also your physical and emotional energy too. Hence regulating your food, sleep, and exercise are good ways to control your emotions too.



One final thing that students can do to regulate their emotions is by taking a break from screens. Having to stare at computer screens throughout the day to study and get work done can really drain your energy. This in turn contributes to the sluggishness you’d be feeling and could negatively affect your emotions. Always remember to take breaks from time to time! Switch off those devices, get up, stretch your legs, and look out your window for some fresh air, relaxing sights, and get some sunlight. Taking breaks from your screens help to give yourself some time and space to breathe instead of straining yourself.


In conclusion, while the Covid-19 pandemic isn’t exactly an ideal time, it does not mean we have to give in to emotional dread. So long as we know how to regulate ourselves emotionally, we will be able to sustain ourselves in the long run – even until after the pandemic is over. Stay safe, stay strong, and stay sane! You got this.