Why Study Abroad?20210928175421

Why Study Abroad?

September 28, 20210 comments
What better excuse to fly alone to a different country as a young adult, than to further your education? Over the years, studying abroad has become a ...
Time Flies- Coping with Time Differences while Learning Online20210726200628

Time Flies- Coping with Time Differences while Learning Online

sdteam sdteamJuly 26, 20210 comments
While most of us have seen skits or shows about how learning in the future can be done from home, no one expected that particular future to hit us as ...
Regulating Emotions Mid-Pandemic20210625093822

Regulating Emotions Mid-Pandemic

Depending on where you are in the world, the status of the pandemic will vary from place to place. It does not mean we are free from Covid-19, hence w...
Conquering Pandemic Guilt20210609203021

Conquering Pandemic Guilt

sdteam sdteamJune 9, 20210 comments
Throughout this pandemic, and through periods of lock-down, we’ve cycled through numerous emotions- concern, fear, anger, worry, relief (occasionall...