Tips to Calm Your Nerves Before a Big Day

Do you start to hyperventilate right before an interview or an important presentation?

With sweat soaking your formal attires, making your hands clammy – cue in a churning tummy and intense heart palpitations, and you’ve got the whole nerve-racking package! Yup, we have all been there; our nerves tackling us to the ground. It is mentally draining, isn’t it?


While we have grown used to rapidly riffling through flash cards at the eleventh hour, restless sleepless nights, and pacing the hallways outside the interview room or backstage, there are a few tips and tricks that you can try to help eliminate these pre-event jitters, which let’s admit – can get pretty dramatic sometimes.


Tips & Tricks to Overcome Pre-Event Jitters:


  1. Confidence Playlist

Years of research has shown that music has a lot of psychological benefits. In times of nerves, music can not only help calm you down and improve your mental state, but your favourite hype music can also give you the confidence you need, to ace that interview or presentation! You may even decide to dance a little just to shake off those jitters. Don’t have a favourite hype music playlist? I suggest you create one. If music is not your cup of tea, you can create an inspiring and confidence boosting, podcast playlist instead.


  1. The Superhero

This may seem a little odd at first, but just hear me out. Superheroes often have a go-to power pose that they love, right? What if I told you that standing in one of these power poses could do wonders for your confidence? Well, it can! Our body posture often influences our brains and consequently, our feelings and emotions. Standing in a power pose of your choosing for just two minutes before an important event, can really boost your confidence and soothe your nerves. Don’t believe me? Try it out for yourselves!


  1. Look Good, Feel Good

It’s a no-brainer that one would naturally dress to impress. However, some might underestimate the power of this simple trick. Have you ever put on an item of clothing that fit you so well, you instantly felt like you could take over the world? That is the kind of outfit I’m talking about. Wear something that makes you feel confident and empowered; something that you look good in, yet still reflects the appropriate dress code and your personality.


  1. Mantras

This is something many people find hard to employ. I’ll admit, it is a little harder – telling yourself you are good enough and deserving can be hard to believe, no matter how many times you say it. Still, there is no harm trying right? A confidence mantra such as I am fearless, strong, and capable or I earned this and I belong here, may seem a little cheesy, but when you feel nervous, saying affirmations like these can help ground you and pull your focus away from negative thoughts. You are literally speaking your confidence into existence through a gentle and loving reminder from yourself, that; regardless of how nervous you may be, you are where you are for a reason, you do belong there.


  1. Self-love Never Hurt Nobody

What’s wrong with a little post-event treat? Sometimes, having something to look forward to after the gruelling event, can be helpful. A yummy juicy burger, a luxury cup of coffee, or a trip to the cinema. Plan something exciting for yourself after or schedule in a coffee date with your friends, it will give you the motivation to power through and it will also take your mind off the interview or presentation after, and simply help you unwind.


  1. Deep Breaths Hon

Nerves can sometimes make us feel suffocated, preventing us from breathing naturally. Deep breathes through your nose and out through your mouth will slow your rapid heart rate and calm you down, eventually returning you to your comfortable breathing pattern.


There you have it! 6 tips and tricks you can try out if you are feeling jittery and nervous before an important event. Remember, its normal to feel nervous when you are worried about the outcome of something. You do not have to beat yourself up for sweaty palms and shedding tears. Whether it’s a job interview, a performance, or a presentation, just be yourself and do your best. Good luck everyone!