E-learning: The Future of Education20211118121541

E-learning: The Future of Education

ann.mNovember 18, 20210 comments
By Subashini Rajasuriah   We’ve all been told that all you need in order to get a job is to graduate with a degree and that will set you up for...
Fun & Productivity: The Perfect Equation At The Workplace20211005092128

Fun & Productivity: The Perfect Equation At The Workplace

ann.mOctober 5, 20210 comments
By Pavithra Gopalakrishnan & Yoong Chia Chuen (BAC Apprentices)   Many academicians, in the last decade, have embarked on research to find th...
A Four-Day Work Week: The Future Of Work?20210930162423

A Four-Day Work Week: The Future Of Work?

ann.mSeptember 30, 20210 comments
By Nurul Wan Faisal & Lim Qi Han (BAC Apprentices)    It’s the middle of the week and we’re already dreaming of our weekends. We’ve all be...
Conquering Pandemic Guilt20210609203021

Conquering Pandemic Guilt

sdteam sdteamJune 9, 20210 comments
Throughout this pandemic, and through periods of lock-down, we’ve cycled through numerous emotions- concern, fear, anger, worry, relief (occasionall...
Artificial Intelligence and Journalism20210527123603

Artificial Intelligence and Journalism

sdteam sdteamMay 27, 20210 comments
You must be wondering – how can Artificial Intelligence (AI) contribute to journalism? Isn’t journalism supposed to be about reporting, writin...